The Malkosh (Latter Rain) Showers

This is the post excerpt.


The Malkosh Showers is a self-service deliverance ministry that seeks to equip the saints to discreetly and personally pursue spiritual hygiene which involves allowing the Holy Spirit to wash us with His soul-cleansing counsel; our conviction of sin and righteousness; our forgiveness of others; our repentance and forgiveness; and a fresh resolve to incline our hearts to the One who shed His blood to set us free. He shows us the things that cast weights and shadows on our senses, and as we remove them, we are freed up to experience deeper intimacy with the Lord.

In your faith walk, you may have grown considerably in the knowledge of God and of His word. You are not the same person you were before Jesus found you. You may be able to display some fruits of the Spirit in many situations and may even move in His power and anointing (to some extent). However, when the stage lights are turned away from you and you turn your gaze inward, some things you find shock you. Oh, they are not ginormous. It’s not like you’re grovelling in any immorality – these little foxes do not stop you from doing church, or ministry things. You have credibility in those circles and some people look up to you. You would hate for these “little” foxes to be exposed to their scrutiny. Guess what? You are not alone! Most people who are active in church, ministry or Christian-living would hate for their thoughts, desires, emotions or motives to be exposed. A church elder and lay-minister once said to me,

“Iris, do you know how many of my pastor friends have told me that they still see images of past sinful sexual encounters flash before their eyes when they are preaching?”

There are often wells of jealousy, envy, self-centredness and the love of money and power within us which are the real driving forces behind many things we say and do but we camouflage them so well.

Why on earth do we live like this? The truth is, most of us do not know how to permanently get rid of these ugly things ourselves. Many have tried different things and one or two of them may have helped for a while but every so often, the little critters rear their ugly heads. To further compound matters, even when we handle things from the past, we often open up new doors to the enemy.

The office and responsibilities of positions we hold in the faith do not easily allow us the freedom of a public deliverance in church, even when we know there is a minister in the house that is equipped to help. This is completely understandable. Apart from infants and toddlers, our cleansing processes in the natural are confined to the privacy of the bathroom for a reason. This is no different spiritually. Jesus never aims to shame us, or expose us to open ridicule because of our weaknesses. However, the very fact that we shroud these things in secrecy without knowing how to handle them ourselves, allows them to fester. Spiritual burnout, back sliding, drought, stagnation, spiritual boredom, lack of intimacy and a moving away from our first love are all outward signs that seemingly little foxes have been allowed to multiply and destroy the vine. Without meaning to, we who claim to love God, aid the enemy in his work to kill our intimacy with Christ, destroy our witness and steal our fruits all driven by his hatred of God.

It’s time for soul-cleansing showers in the latter rain!

While the early rains fall softly on hardened dry ground, water the seed and allow them to begin their growth cycle, the latter rains (or Malkosh in Hebrew) are the last rains of the season which cause the stalks to be filled with grain. In the natural, these latter rains are stronger than earlier ones. They come when the crop has grown and developed roots that allow them to stand and bring forth the fruitfulness of a bountiful harvest. If they feal too early, they would cause destruction. Even though it may not seem like it, the latter rains are a necessity, not an extra.

Jesus said in John 13:10, “He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean… meaning, though you have been made completely clean through your baptism into His death and rising with Him to eternal life, you do need to cleanse the parts of you that get dirty as you walk. This allows you to continue to be fruitful in Him.

The Malkosh Showers blog is a place for you to get practical examples, exhortations and cleansing prayers designed to teach you how to deliver blows that effectively destroy pockets of darkness and evil hidden in the inner trenches of your soul. Inspiring testimonies help build your faith and candid questions in a non-threatening environment reinforce the fact that you are not alone in your struggles. Ultimately, the result is the freedom to walk in boldness and grow in intimacy with the Lord as you are released to drink in greater measures of the Holy Spirit. He fills your stalks with abundant grain – His abiding fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. This transformation will be from the inside out.

The forum is rated a spiritual “R” for it’s content of naked and sometimes shocking truth. It is not intended for audience of all spiritual ages, but for saved, blood washed saints who have been active in their faith and are longing for deeper intimacy with Jesus so much that the truth will not offend them. Like the Canaanite woman who simply responded when Jesus likened her to a dog: “But Lord, even the dogs eat the crumbs under the table!”


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Holy Embarassment

Sweet Release

PouringOutVideo  Audio Text

Whenever I pay for something I take ownership of it immediately and it better be what I wanted or I insist on getting my money back because I purchased for myself: for my use and for my pleasure. Jesus is not like that.

The Way of Royalty

because Jesus HAS set us free.
Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever.  Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. – John 8:34-36
by Iris Chisolm

Spousal Defilement – Clara’s Encounter


Startled by the unexpected ring of my cell phone, I grabbed for it, quickly swiping to receive the call so that my daughter would not wake up.

“I need help, I need help, I… I was… we were… my husband blew into my ears… he blew into my ears and I know something entered into me, but I can’t get it out!” Clara sounded desperate.

I peaked at the time, it was almost 11pm, I would normally not take calls at this time but I was glad I did for her sake.

“Calm down Clara, this is nothing Jesus cannot handle,” I tried to reassure her, “tell me what happened, what do you think entered you?”

“We had just finished making love and my husband turned to me and blew in my ear, I knew it was evil because of the look he gave me afterwards,” she sobbed, “It is a demonic spirit, I know it, please help me, I need it out. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it out.”

“Clara, the word of God says the spirits are subject to you, do you believe it?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts, it’s your body and you’re taking it back now!”


“Okay, I want you to repeat after me,” I began to lead Clara through a spiritual cleansing and she followed, calming herself down.

Clara had been going through hell for months. Prior to that, her marriage seemed perfectly fine, and her husband was very affectionate towards her. Not quite sure why, he suddenly became irate and increasingly mean towards her. His behavior centered around her church attendance – she had found Jesus one day as she rode the bus into the city, and was gifted with a voracious hunger for His word. She found a church and went for every meeting, every service, every outing they organized, there was no stopping her and she was growing rapidly in her faith. Clive, her husband, didn’t like it. At first he told her that he didn’t want her out so often. Then he told her that it really bothered him when she prayed in the house because it affected him negatively. Then it was her pastor whom he believed was manipulating her so that he could get her money. His reasons changed from day to day, and so did he. She couldn’t explain some of the strange things he was doing, until their 6 year old son told her about a trip his dad and grandmother let him come along with them on, every night. According to the boy, they taught him how to rise up out of his body and visit different places with them. Clara was even more shocked when she asked Clive about it and he confirmed their nocturnal activities, unabashedly. His mother was a practicing witch, he told her matter-of-factly, and he and his son, were wizards. She was devastated, how had she not known this?

“Okay, now I want you to release the blood of Jesus to cleanse your entire being, let the light of Jesus Christ fill you – the life is in the blood and the life is the light of men, Clara…” We continued to cleanse. Shortly after came the sound of new life, the sound of revival.
“Hey-eh Halleluia! Jesus, Halleluia! It left, it’s gone, I feel free. Jesus! Glory, Halleluia!

Oh thank you so much Iris, I am free!” She screamed.

“Thank Jesus, Clara, He is your deliverer.”

She couldn’t hear me as she got wrapped up in worship and thanksgiving. I hung up quietly, leaving her to carry on. There is just no one more beautiful than Jesus. What a Lord!