Spousal Defilement – Clara’s Encounter


Startled by the unexpected ring of my cell phone, I grabbed for it, quickly swiping to receive the call so that my daughter would not wake up.

“I need help, I need help, I… I was… we were… my husband blew into my ears… he blew into my ears and I know something entered into me, but I can’t get it out!” Clara sounded desperate.

I peaked at the time, it was almost 11pm, I would normally not take calls at this time but I was glad I did for her sake.

“Calm down Clara, this is nothing Jesus cannot handle,” I tried to reassure her, “tell me what happened, what do you think entered you?”

“We had just finished making love and my husband turned to me and blew in my ear, I knew it was evil because of the look he gave me afterwards,” she sobbed, “It is a demonic spirit, I know it, please help me, I need it out. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it out.”

“Clara, the word of God says the spirits are subject to you, do you believe it?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts, it’s your body and you’re taking it back now!”


“Okay, I want you to repeat after me,” I began to lead Clara through a spiritual cleansing and she followed, calming herself down.

Clara had been going through hell for months. Prior to that, her marriage seemed perfectly fine, and her husband was very affectionate towards her. Not quite sure why, he suddenly became irate and increasingly mean towards her. His behavior centered around her church attendance – she had found Jesus one day as she rode the bus into the city, and was gifted with a voracious hunger for His word. She found a church and went for every meeting, every service, every outing they organized, there was no stopping her and she was growing rapidly in her faith. Clive, her husband, didn’t like it. At first he told her that he didn’t want her out so often. Then he told her that it really bothered him when she prayed in the house because it affected him negatively. Then it was her pastor whom he believed was manipulating her so that he could get her money. His reasons changed from day to day, and so did he. She couldn’t explain some of the strange things he was doing, until their 6 year old son told her about a trip his dad and grandmother let him come along with them on, every night. According to the boy, they taught him how to rise up out of his body and visit different places with them. Clara was even more shocked when she asked Clive about it and he confirmed their nocturnal activities, unabashedly. His mother was a practicing witch, he told her matter-of-factly, and he and his son, were wizards. She was devastated, how had she not known this?

“Okay, now I want you to release the blood of Jesus to cleanse your entire being, let the light of Jesus Christ fill you – the life is in the blood and the life is the light of men, Clara…” We continued to cleanse. Shortly after came the sound of new life, the sound of revival.
“Hey-eh Halleluia! Jesus, Halleluia! It left, it’s gone, I feel free. Jesus! Glory, Halleluia!

Oh thank you so much Iris, I am free!” She screamed.

“Thank Jesus, Clara, He is your deliverer.”

She couldn’t hear me as she got wrapped up in worship and thanksgiving. I hung up quietly, leaving her to carry on. There is just no one more beautiful than Jesus. What a Lord!

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